Barber Electric stainless steel and aluminum “Type 4X Hinge Cover Enclosures” are designed to house electrical controls and instruments in areas which may be regularly hosed down or are otherwise very wet. Designed for use in areas where corrosion problems exist. Suitable for use outdoors, or in dairies, breweries, sewage plants, food processing areas, and similar installations.

These enclosures are made from 14 gauge stainless steel or .120 aluminum. All seams are continuously welded with no holes or knockouts. A rolled lip is provided around three sides of the door and around all sides of the enclosure opening. This lip increases strength and keeps dirt and liquids from dropping into the enclosure when the door is opened. The gasketed doors are secured with stainless steel door clamps. A hasp and staple are provided for padlocking and each enclosure has a print pocket. Body stiffiners and door stiffeners are provided in the larger enclosures for added rigidity. External feet are furnished for mounting. Collar studs are provided for mounting option panels. Panels must be ordered separately. These enclosures can be supplied with a mill finish or a brushed finish.

Barber Electric can supply holes, hubs, louvers, cutouts, special enclosure sizes, and many other modifications.

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Catalog #
Size (A x B x C)
Panel Size
16 x 12 x 6
13 x 9
16 x 16 x 6
13 x 13
20 x 16 x 6
17 x 13
20 x 20 x 6
17 x 17
24 x 20 x 6
21 x 17
24 x 24 x 8
21 x 21
30 x 20 x 8
27 x 17
30 x 24 x 8
27 x 21
36 x 24 x 8
33 x 21
36 x 30 x 8
33 x 27


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