Barber Electric “Type 12 Consoles” are heavy duty oil and dust tight enclosures designed to house electrical controls. Components can be mounted on sub panels located on the side and back of the enclosures. There is a hinged control panel on the sloped face of the console.

These consoles are made of 14 gauge steel. All seams are continuously wleded and all door and control panels have gaskets. The front door has a key locking handle, three point latch, and a removable print pocket. The control panel is hinged along the bottom edge. Collar studs are provided for mounting one, two, or three sub-panels.

The standard finish for these enclosures is ANSI 61 gray polyester powder coat. Barber Electric can supply holes, hubs, louvers. special sizes. special finishes, and many other modifications.

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Catalog #
Size (A x B x C)
Back Panel Size
Side Panel Size
48 x 24 x 18
27 x 17
27 x 17
48 x 36 x 18
27 x 27
27 x 17


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