Barber Electric specializes in the manufacturing of custom electrical enclosures. Whether you need one or one thousand custom made enclosures, Barber Electric is your leading source for “specials”. Made in any type of rating, type 1, type 3r, type 4, and more, Barber Electric can produce custom sizes to fit a job, or custom modifications to suit almost any needs. Modifications include cutouts, push button holes, louvers, door stops, fan cutouts, pem studs and more. Custom powder coating colors are also available. Please consult the factory for design assistance or questions of any kind.

Barber Electric is not limited to manufacturing electrical enclosures; we also specialize in angle iron frame units as well as sheet metal work of any kind.

The enclosure shown below was designed with the help of Barber Electric’s design team. The enclosure is made from 316 stainless steel and is used in the automated production of golf balls.